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Communications Systems group uses a repository for development project and documentation that needs version control.

The main repository for projects can be found here: (Requires login)

and student project are organized in a subdirectory called 'students'; laboratoriý configurations are located in a directory called 'labs'.

Students and groups of students at ComSysLab can get access to dedicated subprojects in this repository. Please, contact to get access to setup you ComSysLab subproject.

Getting started

Most Linux distributes comes with a SVN turn-key solution. Just add the proper software packages from the distribution. On Ubuntu Linux the command

sudo apt-get install subversion

will do the job. For the Windows platform use of the TortoiseSVN client is recommended.


Subversion Cheat Sheet

SVN: How to structure your repository.

Version control with Subversion (e-book)

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