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On these wiki-pages you will find documentation for the IPv6 infrastructure in Netlab.The IPv6 infrastructure in i6Netlab is intended for native IPv6 traffic and IPv4 is generally not supported. At the moment only wired connection to the IPv6 internet can be offered, but plans are also to offer WLAN access.


IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel configuration


The IPv6 gateway (i6gw) runs a automatically configured IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel with the SixXS tunnel broker. i6Netlab has been assigned the subnet 2001:16d8:dd00::/48. This IPv4 address of i6gw is assigned by the NAT to be which maps to TBD.

The IPv6 gateway supports SSH remote connections.

The SixXS Staff have honored your request for a tunnel with the following specifications:

 Tunnel Id         : T43325
 PoP Name          : dkcph01 (se.port80 [AS16150])
 TIC Server        : tic.sixxs.net (which is the default in AICCU)
 Your Location     : aarhus, dk
 SixXS IPv6        : 2001:16d8:dd00:d0::1/64
 Your IPv6         : 2001:16d8:dd00:d0::2/64
 SixXS IPv4        :
 Tunnel Type       : Dynamic (ayiya)

SixXS has honored your request for a subnet on the following tunnel:

 PoP Name    : dkcph01 (se.port80 [AS16150])
 Subnet IPv6  : 2001:16d8:dd92::/48
 Routed to    : 2001:16d8:dd00:d0::2/64
 Your IPv4    : ayiya

Contact rhj@iha.dk for SixXS account information.

Adding IPv6 DNS support

We can use Google's public DNS servers for IPv6 domain name resolution.

In the i6gw the following need to be appended to the /etc/resolv.conf configuration file.

 nameserver 2001:4860:4860::8888
 nameserver 2001:4860:4860::8844

Providing IPv6 DNS resolver data with radvd

ASE IPv6 address allocation

Network prefix Contact Usage
2001:16d8:dd92:1::/64 rhj@iha.dk IPv6-Netlab-LAN. This LAN runs stateless autoconfiguration with ND.
2001:16d8:dd92:aaaa::/64 Steffen H. Jensen (20108759@post.au.dk) Smart IPv6 tags
2001:16d8:dd92:abac::/64 Henrik T. Skjøt (08865@iha.dk) CoAP proxy LAN1
2001:16d8:dd92:abad::/64 Henrik T. Skjøt (08865@iha.dk) CoAP proxy LAN2
2001:16d8:dd92:1000::/52 rhj@iha.dk Allocation for ITIFN course workshops. Group prefix assignment follows the system: Group 1 gets 2001:16d8:dd92:1100::/56 assigned; Group 2 gets 2001:16d8:dd92:1200::/56 etc. up to Group 16.
2001:16d8:dd92:a000::/52 rhj@iha.dk Allocation for 6LoWPAN student projects. Individual 6LoWPANs are allocated by replacing the lowest 6 bytes of the network prefix with the student ID number. (E.g. student with ID 201200123 would be asigned the network prefix 2001:16d8:dd92:a1fb::/64)
2001:16d8:dd92::/48 rhj@iha.dk IPv6 subnet allocation for RHJ at IHA.


Installation guide for a TelosB 6LoWPAN test bed

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