Ressource assignment and deployed VMs on Beorn

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This file is intended to document the dynamic aspects of the Beorn virtualization server, i.e. the currently deployed virtual machines and how network addresses are assigned. For guides and instructions, please see Beorn.

Overview and network address assignment

The following tables show the MAC-IP address pairs as provided by the IT department, along with the hardware specifications of the host server and the virtual machines. Blank 'Allocation' field means free.

Table 1: The 6 externally accessible IP addresses.
MAC address FQDN Internal IP address External IP address Allocation CPU(s) RAM Disk
14:18:77:39:2d:a7 Virtualization host 16 (8 cores with hyperthreading = 16 cores in KVM) 32GB 400GB
02:00:02:06:00:01 OpenGeoSuite.jhj (used for Manuel's work) 2 6GB 30GB
02:00:02:06:00:02 GeoNodeEmadTest 2 4GB 20GB
02:00:02:06:00:03 FC_Services 1 1GB 10GB
02:00:02:06:00:04 OpenSensorHub.jhj 1 1GB 10GB
02:00:02:06:00:05 ProcessingVM 6 8GB 100GB
02:00:02:06:00:06 Zabbix Server (monitoring) 1 1GB 10GB

Table 2: The 10 IP addresses limited to internal access.
MAC address Internal IP address Allocation CPU(s) RAM Disk
02:00:02:06:00:07 GeoNodeLocal 6 8GB 100GB
02:00:02:06:00:08 GeoNode2.6.jhj 2 4GB 20GB
02:00:02:06:00:09 CesiumJS.jhj 1 1GB 10GB
02:00:02:06:00:0a AUSat 1 2GB 20GB
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